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Uber Customer Care Number | Helpline Number | Contact Number – Uber India

Uber Customer Care Number | Helpline Number | Contact Number – Uber India

Uber Customer Care – Uber provides 24*7 customer support to all of its customer across all over the world. We have compiled a list of all Uber customer care number for any kind of instant help. If a customer has any query or complaint related to Uber services like cab booking, cancellation of cab, payment issues, want to know about offers and deals on ride, want to track your ride etc. they can contact Uber customer helpline number any time.

Uber Customer Care Number - 1300 091 272

Customer can contact on the following Uber customer care contact number for the queries and complaints related to Uber services. Also you can get additional information related to the Uber services through this number. Customer can get information about fares and payments, ride passes and subscription, safety features, payment methods etc.

10 Common Reasons to Contact Uber Customer Care India

Fare Adjustments 

Customer can contact Uber helpline number for fare adjustment. If you feel that uber has overcharged you, then you can contact Uber customer care any time via email support or Uber contact number.
 Fare adjustment is not an instant process. To prevent fraud, Uber carefully calculate ride fares and carefully reviews all the fare adjustment request. So it will take days or even week to adjust your fares.

Payment method 

If you want to know about payment method accepted by Uber, you can contact Uber customer care number India any time or you can contact Uber via Uber app or via email support.

Information about Uber Riding Fares
Customer can get all the information related to Uber riding fares. How much Uber charges per kilometer? Or how much Uber charges for shared riding etc. To know about Uber fares you just need to contact Uber helpline number.

Safety Features

Uber committed for the passengers safety. Uber provides many safety features in their Uber app. Passenger can share their trip details with friends and family for their safety. If you want to know more about safety features provided by Uber, please get in touch with Uber customer care number.

Problem in Using Uber Account

If you are facing any problem or issue with your Uber account that you are not able to resolve at your end, contacting Uber customer support number and ask them for the help is an easy way to fix the issue.

Problems with Other Passenger During Shared Ride

Ride sharing is an easy way to save money from your ride fare by sharing your ride with other passengers. If you face any issue with another passenger during your ride you can complaint about this to Uber support.

To Track Your Lost Item

If you want to get back your lost item that you left in vehicle after your ride, you can get your lost item back by contacting uber support.

Uber Driver Partner Program

Uber Offers drive partner program through which anyone can earn money and respect. Many people are already earning money through Uber driver partner program and secured their future.
If you are looking for some work and have no idea what to do, you can join Uber driver partner program and start earning in 24 hours.

Why Drive with Uber

Set you own working hours
Get Paid Fast
Get instant support

uber driver support number – 9731100011

Want to become Uber driver, Sign up here: https://www.uber.com/in/en/o/drive/

About Uber

Uber is world largest ride sharing company based in San Francisco. Uber is providing its services in around 700+ cities. Uber is providing its services through website and mobile app. Uber is providing wide range of services like peer to peer ridesharing, food delivery services, bi-cycle sharing services etc.

 Uber Customer Care India - 079 33992233

Other Important Links

Uber Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/uber
Uber Twitter Handle - https://twitter.com/uber

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